To give students an opportunity to showcase and hone their talents, several Club activities were organised which not only helped students shape their personal interests and hobbies but also improved their leadership and social skills. Our Summer E-Clubs included Art and Craft Club, Cooking Club, Dance Club, Drama Club, Science Club, SUPW Club which was much enjoyed by our young students. Every child had a chance to choose one activity that interested them and accordingly they were added to the respective club groups.
Our students were all welcomed into their respective groups with warm greetings by the teachers-in-charge. They actively participated in each activity and their excitement and enthusiasm knew no bounds. We had amazing interaction with all of them. The clubs went on smoothly and a lot many NLKites attended the E-Clubs actively. This went on for 10 days and finally it was the last day of the activity. To our surprise, students were not ready to quit the clubs. They posted messages about how much they enjoyed the activities, how much they would miss the clubs etc. We assured them that they would have another set of these happy days soon.
The positive outcome of conducting these summer E-Clubs was that our teacher and students became more tech-savvy and now involving and operating in Zoom sessions is a piece of cake for our kids. We were able to unleash many hidden talents of our NLKites during these E-Clubs activities. We at NLK definitely intend to nurture their talents further by conducting many more activities in the years to come.