Disha Literature Festival - 2019 ( DLF 1.0)

DLF 1.0, an event spanning over 2 days in the month of February 2019, took an initiative of bringing together the literature enthusiasts, artists, writers, story tellers, illustrators- all under one roof.
The basic aim behind the festival was to provide a platform for children to discover the joy of reading and to carry it ahead. The festival tried to provide students an opportunity to soak themselves in an ambience where literature is celebrated giving them an inspiration to indulge in the creative arts of reading and writing.
The event became the talk of the town with the presence of eminent story tellers, writers, illustrators like Sakshi Singh, Arundita Roy, Shabnam Minwalla, Jigyasa Labaroo, Priya Muthukumar and the list goes on… Kaavad Katha by Akshay Gandhi took us to an almost lost story telling tradition of Rajasthan. Oliver Phommavanh, all the way from Sydney made the students fall about with laughter by his stories. Geeta Ramanujam left us awestruck with her art of injecting a new life into her prop… The interaction between the authors and the children was engaging and insightful, as the students took the opportunity to learn all that they could about the art of writing and storytelling.
Book signing was also an interesting part of the event as it gave young minds a chance to ask questions from authors and get their favorite books signed which filled them with happiness and inspired them to read all the books, once they get home.
A book fair was just the icing on the cake, which had a multitude of books to cater the various pallets of 21st century learners.
DLF 1.0 marked the beginning of the series of literary festivals to follow in the years to come which will definitely raise the bar set by the first edition.

Disha Literature Festival - 2020 ( DLF 2.0)

Disha Literature Festival 2.0 was two exciting days of exploration of the world of books and storytelling. Visitors participated immersively and interactively in story telling sessions, theatres, story writing workshops, fun events and a lot more. Disha Literature Festival hosted the finest authors and storytellers in the genres of children's literature. DLF was hosted on 7th and 8th February, 2020.
Disha Literature Festival was all set in the beautiful city, Kanpur. Kanpur known for its touch with literature, had made its name in history in February, 2019 when the first season of Disha Literature Festival which was started with a simple purpose to bring authors and readers together in a celebration of literature and literacy was tagged SUCCESSFUL.
We believe, literature is not bound between the covers of a book, but blooms in a free environment, in myriad forms, languages and mediums. This festival has room for all of them. It aspired to celebrate book writers, poets and playwrights, film writers, lyricists, journalists, social media writers and other genres that use literary creativity.
#dishaliteraturefestival was an event that brought together, under one roof and on a single platform, ideas and written work. It also brought in passionate and action-based reading, story-telling and their imaginative worlds of characters, authors, novelists, poets, illustrators, and not-to-be-missed sessions by film writers and lyricists. People also witnessed the panel discussions on different literary topics that came alive in front of the audience. With a diversity of languages and multiplicity of mediums, #dishaliteraturefestival was a walk through the hardbound and virtual world of literary creativity.
An array of literary stars and emerging authors participated including Soumya Rajendra, Tanushree Singh, Usha Pandit, Rohini Vij, Sandhya Rao, Deepa Agarwal, Nandini Nair, Prabha Ram and the list goes on.