“ To be successful, you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little bit closer to your goals. It might sound like a lot of work—and with a busy schedule, next to impossible. But the best part is, the more you accomplish, the more you’ll want to do, the higher you’ll want to reach. So as long as you have the hunger for success, you will always have the power within you to achieve it. ”

Welcome to SRI N. L. K. V. M. INTER COLLEGE. This branch of N.L.K. family is situated in Vishnupuri near Reserve Bank Officer’s Quarters and is one of the renowned Co-educational institutions in Kanpur city. It is known for its Studies, Strict Discipline & various Co-Curricular activities,which altogether are vital for the development of the student’s personality.

Students acquire skills and knowledge easily if we can make the surroundings stimulating and purposeful. A school plays a vital role in changing the society and its people in the sphere of Academic, Social, Economical, Mental, Moral and Physical Development. The school also ensures the safety and security of the students. Pure drinking water is provided. There are sufficient washrooms that are well lit and properly ventilated. Proper vigilance of the school premises is done through CCTV cameras, which are installed on the campus.
We try to encourage our children to unleash their fullest potential. I look forward for your valuable suggestions for our continuing success.

Mr. Gyan Singh
NLKVM Inter College, Vishnupuri, Kanpur


“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, Where the Knowledge is free,
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls”

We impart child-centric education, which furnishes our students with the skills needed for a rapidly changing future and lifelong learning. Our special attention towards “Slow learners” helps them to grow, be smart and skilled individuals.

We pledge to provide a holistic learning environment that is positive, safe, caring and a place where we promote learning by doing, On one side of our co-curricular activities, we educate and train them about Personal Safety and on the other side , we train our future leaders by running leadership programs like “tGELF”. We develop “LOVE FOR READING”.

NLKVMIC, Vishnupuri provides International and National platforms to the students and our children are continuously proving themselves by securing top positions and giving their best. We are shaping our future leader by inculcating ethics and values in them. Our training sessions for teachers make them more effective and efficient mentors. We have a strong team of mentors to train our future leaders.

We are thankful to all the parents for their kind support and faith in us.

Ms. Kawaljeet Kaur
NLKVM Inter College, Vishnupuri, Kanpur



An investment in knowledge pays the best interest..
STEAM Learning & Design Thinking Program focused on helping students connect classroom theory to real world applications....
Steam session is unique and it also provides professional development to teachers of school enabling them to become 21st century educators. STEAM education is an approach to learning that integrates science, technology, engineering, the arts, and maths as pathways to guide student inquiry, discussions, and critical thinking. At NLKVMIC this program is continuously helping students to develop the capacity to: Take thoughtful..Our students and teachers are sincerely engaged in learning about the most constructive sessions.

Environment Day Activity

All Must Pay The Debt Of Earth
World Environment Day
The environment is where we all meet ,where we all have a mutual interest. It is the one thing that all of us share but we Humans have forgotten how to be good guest's how to walk lightly on the Earth as it's other creatures do.
It is the Earth that we have in common so it's our duty to give our regards to the nature.
So our students at NLKVMIC took an oath of responsibility to preserve and tend our 'Mother Earth As we Inherited a beautiful planet from our ancestors so now it's our time to leave it in the best shape possible for the generations to come.
Our children made use of their Reusable waste items at their place into something best Hereby we are glad to share them.
Well Done Children !
Go Green Save Earth !
Team Vishnupuri !

Mindfulness Session

Mindfulness Sessions organized for students by NLK Group is a wonderful space, which helps them to reduce negative stress and increase their ability to stay engaged.
Today's session dealt with the theme of Self Love. It is one of the most important areas to be looked upon. Sister Pallavi trained the students about the importance of self love like- *I am having Values, Virtues and Good Qualities*.
She also enriched the students with the fact that it is important to love all the elements of nature. The session further proceeded to meditation and its importance explained by Sister Tapasya.
The students of NLK Family would definitely stand to bring a change in society.
*Self Love is Key to Life*.


*“The greatest leader is not necessarily one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” – Ronald Reagan*
*Through tGELF* *Programme* students at *NLKVMIC*are developing leadership skills to be a next leader.
They have learned about qualities of a good leader which includes :
1. Integrity
2. Innovative
3. Honesty
4. Active Listening
5. Self Confidence
And how an idea of recycling flowers started when Ankit Agarwal with his friend visited the Ghats of River Ganga and realized the danger of temple flowers containing pesticides and insecticides. They planned to meet temple waste management and pitch their idea of recycling flowers. After a year and half of research, products like incense cone and vermicomposting started.

Virtual Parent- Teacher Orientation

Online studies is *NEED OF THE HOUR*
To avoid the gaps and continuity in the learning process of our students. Today, we have shared details of notebook work, assessments, importance of Zoom sessions and our expectations from parents for overall development of their ward and shaping them.
We are thankful to our parents for their kind cooperation and support.

Our Young Leader

My rise journey started when the team of NLK showed faith in me and selected me for this competition which is held world wide.
RISE is a global program whose objective is to find, create and support young leaders who are willing to change society. Our teachers helped us through the Zoom conference to participate in this program. MY BIG IDEA was to change the Indian education system for good to create education that not only focuses on marks but the overall physical and moral development of students. My efforts helped me to be selected as ONE OF THE FINALIST, which was held on 12 June, 2021. It was a live Zoom session. I feel privileged to be a part of a group full of extraordinary young minds.
There were 4 Rounds. The topics were Integrity, Teamwork and Problem Solving. We were assigned groups with students from different countries. My team members consist of a girl from Pakistan, a boy from Hong Kong and two others from India only. The last round was the interview round where the panelist asked individual questions to all of us. I learnt so much from them. I hope that I get selected and can get help in my education with the scholarship. What I want to share is to avail all the opportunities, which comes your way.
Thank you Teachers.
Garima Das, 9D

Autism Awareness Day

Autism is uniqueness and difference personified...
In order to show our support, empathy and love we planned an Activity that was activated at the moment of the awareness towards Autism .Our children designed their own T- SHIRTS and reflected their efforts.
Even our Team members were dressed in BLUE to show that people who are facing this challenge in life are not alone.
We hereby stand beside them as their Support.


Cartoon is an illustration or series of illustrations, usually humorous in intent. As children grow up, we use cartoons to show them how things function in real life, explain them more about feelings and relationships in a way they can understand. We also show them how to deal with certain situations. Cartoons contain some valuable life lessons. In this activity, students made posters of the cartoon character which they find resembling with them.

Learning A New Language : German

Learning is a never ending process and we NLK'ians take pride in it. So in this week during the activity period our children did something out of the box and took the initiative of learning a few words spoken in German.


Bonjour is a French word which means Greetings.
Children are always excited for their new class. To make it lively and fun-filled, the students were asked to introduce themselves keeping in mind their strength, weakness, hobbies and also comparing themselves to their favorite cartoon character.


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