As the Principal of the school, I feel honoured and privileged to be part of an educational institution where every stakeholder is a learner and every day is an opportunity to learn and discover. We look at ourselves as a community of learners, where everyone learns including our teachers, parents & staff.
I believe in upholding high standards with an absolute commitment to strive to understand and improve the educational process, using team strategies, while wholly centering on student achievement.

Our staff fruitfully employ two diverse strategies that are of Love and Logic to foster a positive learning environment for all our students. Love and Logic may seem like two contrasting forces. While love helps nurture trusting relationships, where students feel respected, appreciated and loved by the teachers, logic helps in developing students' personal responsibility, self control, good decision making skills, self confidence, and character building with high moral values.
Your child’s learning involves and revolves around an effective partnership between home & school. We know that the stronger the partnership is the more your child will benefit. Whilst we know that the information here will give you answers to some of your questions, we also know that learning is social, and in this context we encourage you to come and speak to us in person for a more detailed perspective. I look forward to working with you as we help create a school where parents are welcome at anytime, students are engaged in meaningful learning and the staff members are valued and appreciated for their efforts.

Thanks to All
Mr. K P Singh
NLK Inter College, Ashok Nagar, Kanpur



We at N.L.K. always emphasis on making our students more creative and innovative. This time our young kids tried their hands in the #Cartooning_Activity.... It is really impressive to see the kids working so hard to showcase their hidden talent....

Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is observed on April 22 every year. Earth Day gains significance with each passing year as the global climate crisis worsens. Earth Day brings millions of people together as it gives an opportunity for all stakeholders to create awareness and work together on critical issues like global warming, pollution and the vanishing forest cover among others. This year, the calls on everyone to "be a part of the change". In 1990, Earth Day became an ''environmental movement, working with more than 75,000 partners in over 192 countries to drive positive action for our planet''.
*Earth Day 2021 theme*
Restore Our Earth is the theme for Earth Day 2021. The theme - Restore Our Earth - ''focuses on natural processes and emerging green technologies that can restore the world's ecosystems. In this way, the theme rejects the notion that mitigation or adaptation are the only way to address climate change.''
We appreciate the work done by our students to doing their to save our Mother Earth. Thank you for the beautiful Bird Feeder, Speech and Videos.

Jagrukta Abhiyaan

Jagrukta Abhiyaan....An initiative of N.L.K. Group of Schools....We the students have initiate this page to let u all know the importance of getting vaccinated and taking steps to keep ourselves safe..... We all hope that u all will take care of yourselves and will Stay Safe.

Parent Orientation

We successfully conducted the parent orientation of Grades 7,8,9,10 and 12. We were able to connect with our parents and explained to them the Rules and Regulations of the online classes. The scholastic and non-scholastic areas were well focused during the program. The teachers introduced themselves focusing on the importance of studies during this pandemic and how a parent can be more vigilant in letting the children connect to the students without getting diverted due to social media. We whole-heartedly thanks all our parents who took out their time and connected with us......
Hoping this pandemic ends soon and we can again have our normal life back....


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