Group A


Group A : Nursery & Jr. KG : Age group 3 to 5 years: AZAD NAGAR

Group A comprises of two classes : Nursery and Junior KG.
Age Group: 3 – 5 Years
There is one competition for Group A. (Online for all students and Offline for selected students at Atal Ghat)

NO Entry FEE



The children will recite a poem with actions, costumes, props on the theme “Swachchata aur Khush-haali”. They will make a video and send it on 9839766772.
1. Kindly ensure to make a video of the child of 1 minute 40 sec max and send it on 9839766772. Kindly ensure that the NAME, CLASS, SCHOOL, AGE is shared on the number given.
2. The children can dress up in theme related costume and use props too.
3. The team will compile all the entries and judge the online competition.
4. The Judgment parameters are:
a) Selection of Poem (10 M)
b) Pronunciation & Expression (10 M)
c) Enjoy The poem (10 M)
d) Voice Modulation (10 M)
e) Use of Props. (10 M)
Total: 50 Marks
5. E-Certificates will not be given to all the online participants. The selected students will only receive the same at Atal Ghat in printed form.
6. The selected students will be informed for the next level Offline Competition by the Team which will be conducted on 23rd January at Atal Ghat, Ganga Barrage.
7. The team will guide and resolve the parents’ queries regarding the online/ offline competition.

THEME: Swachchatta aur khush-haali

1. The selected children from the Online Competition will come to Atal Ghat with their parents to participate in the next level Offline Competition. Timings and arrival details will be shared with the Team beforehand so that they can further share them with the concerned parents.
2. The Team will escort and guide the students to the designated waiting area.
3. The offline Recitation Competition will take place in front of an audience.
4. The children can recite the same/ different rhyme for the offline competition. Theme shall remain the same.
5. For the offline competition QAID will select and inform the Judges and will provide the judgment sheet.
6. Two winners (1st& 2nd) will be chosen from each class. This means that the Offline Recitation Competition will have two 1st Winners (one each from Nursery and Junior KG) and two 2nd Winners (one each from Nursery and Junior KG)
7. The winners will be awarded Winner Certificates (printed) +Trophy +Prize Money at Atal Ghat.
8. The other participants will receive an Appreciation Certificate (printed).
9. The Certificates/ Trophy/ gift will be designed and provided by QAID.
10. The names of the students will be written on the printed certificates by the Team.
11. The team will guide and resolve the parents’ queries regarding the online/ offline competition.
12. Selected students need to bring their Aadhar Card to Atal Ghat as age proof.
13. Ensure to send the videos/ pictures on the correct mobile number 9839766772 mentioned for Group A or else the entry shall be discarded.