1What is The Learning Nest Program?
The Learning Nest is an early childhood education program (Playgroup, Junior KG and Senior KG) which can be conducted at the safety and comfort of home. This Program is an initiative of NLK Group of Schools who has over a decade of Preschool operation and teaching experience. The program provides unique learning material, digital lessons and supplemental learning App along with an all round Parent support program to guide their child. The objective of this program is to enable and support parents to provide the best preschool education for their child at home.
2Will teachers come to home to teach the child?
In The Learning Nest program the teachers will not be coming home to your residence, however there will be live teacher interactions and mentoring for parents for each student by professionals and trained teachers of The Learning Nest.
3Do parents need teaching experience?
Parents need not have any teaching experience, their own basic academics familiarization is sufficient. This program is designed and curated in such a way where children can learn and grow using self intuitive learning material and pre-sets. However parents are required to provide necessary guidance, attention, hand-holding and encouragement to their child.
4What is the duration of the Program?
The duration of the Program is 9 months (3 levels) i.e. one level is equivalent to 3 months.
5How much daily time is required from parents for this course for their child?
As the parents start participating in this program, they will soon find that the parent has more role as observer and supervisor than a role of performing any kind of intense direct teaching. Children are natural learner from the environment and resources provided to them. Typically 6 to 8 hours of weekly engagement distributed over the week at the convenient timing for parents and child is sufficient.
6Who will give parents the curriculum/study plan or activity plan?
In the Learning Nest, the curriculum and study plan are provided by the team and it varies between each level.
7Will my child get a Marks Card and a Certificate?
Yes, on completion of every level the child will be certified and at the end of 9 months program, the child will be issued a Marks Card.
8How much will be the screen time for my child in this program?
The classes are schedules from Monday to Friday (1 hour each day) and Activity class on Saturday